"We are using PST Walker for more than 2 years now and very satisfied with this tool which enable us to do our job effectively. The forensic market doesn't offer such tools to handle mail accounts the way your product does. "

Ilan Avneri, Cyber Crime Investigations Department

"I needed to recover some old email information for my accountant that had some attachments required for completing my tax return.
   I considered buying Outlook 2007 and priced it in the stores today at around AUD$179. I thought that was pretty high to solve one (important) problem - accessing old .pst files - and decided against purchasing this with the thought that 'someone must have a pst reader'!
   I googled pst reader and found the PSTwalker product (after looking at one other site / product). I loaded the trial version and checked the folders in my old .pst file. They were all there and even though I could only read two messages in each folder, I tested opening an attachment on one of these, which worked. That convinced me PSTwalker was the real deal and could solve my problem.
   The pricing was shown in AUD and it cost $60 for a licence which was only 1/3 the price of MS Outlook 2007. I jumped in and purchased, feeling PSTwalker would do the job if I got the full version. And I was not disappointed. WOW! My accountant already has all the information I needed ie. the original email from 2005 with the four attachments that I felt sure were saved in my old .pst.
   Well done guys - great result! "

Damion McNaught, Director, Sales and Marketing, IONRAD Pty Ltd, Australia

"I purchased PST Walker, to try and facilitate the transfer of my PST file from Outlook running on my old PC to Thunderbird (running on my new desktop PC - which I am trying to eliminate as many 'Office' related applications from as I possibly can).
   I read some articles talking about PST Walker, as a means for walking Outlook's PST file(s) without having Outlook actually installed. This works great. However, I was hoping to figure out some way of exporting the contents of that Outlook PST (it is a single one - with multiple folders) over to some format I can import into Mozilla Thunderbird.
   The article talked about some ruby/based tool for carrying this out (which I tried) using an exported mbox. But it did not work.
   For now, I am reading my 'old' legacy mail using PST Walker directly. Does work very well, it just would be a 'nice to have' to import those messages directly into my Thunderbird client. "

Brian McColgan