PST Walker Review

This guide explains how to open, find and extract emails from .pst files and .ost files with portable PST Viewer.


Recover Deleted Emails and Folders in Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to recover permanently deleted emails, contacts and folders in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the steps below to recover email messages deleted by mistake in your Outlook profile. This will recover as many deleted email messages as possible. If you don't see the deleted messages that you wanted, it means they are permanently lost.


Repair corrupted OST and PST data files

If your .pst or .ost file is corrupted and you cannot open Outlook, use this article to recover emails form the corrupted .pst and.ost data files.


Recover Outlook Rules and Alerts

Outlook rules and alerts are also important settings which makes your life easy and saves your time. You can follow below steps to restore Outlook rules and alerts.


Convert OST to PST file

The best Exchange OST to PST email conversion tool to convert .ost to .pst file. Export .ost files to .pst files without connection to Exchange. Supports all Outlook and Exchange versions including 2013 version.


Recover emails from an OST file

Would you like to avoid losses and to access your personal mailbox in .ost format, when corporate mail servers become inaccessible? With PST Walker you can open these files without a corresponding Exchange mailbox or profile on the server (orphaned files).


Search multiple .pst files at once

This article explains how to search multiple .pst files without Outlook at once. Any .pst file (archive or password protected, encrypted) can be searched together with any others. This means that if you're searching for an email, contact or calendar item that you know you've filed away, but you're not certain which file or account you put it in, you'll be able to find it easily with a single search.


Convert Outlook .pst and .ost files to Thunderbird (MBOX)

Thunderbird can not import a .pst or .ost file. Take these steps to convert Outlook .pst and .ost files to Thunderbird (MBOX).


Email Investigations and Forensic Analysis of Outlook/Exchange email files

Email messages contain numerous metadata fields (MAPI properties) that can be useful for digital forensic analysis of emails. This article will explore a few basic methods on how to gather and analyze data related to an email investigation and forensic analysis.